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Toby Walker

About Me

My name is Toby Walker and this is my website. Currently, I am taking high school (junior), which means that's what I'm primarily focused on, but in my freetime I do a lot of coding.I mainly work in java, but I'm getting into Html, CSS and Javascript, which I used to build this site.


Programming: I would consider myself an extremely savvy programmer and most of my peers and teachers would say the same as well. I started programming sometime between 2013 (6th grade) and 2015(8th grade) using lua to make scripts for a minecraft mod. In the 10th grade I took Honors Java and received a 99 at the end of the year. Currently I am taking AP CS:A and studying for a OCA & OCP certification in java. In 2018, I worked in the clemson GIS department where I helped set up a server and program python (ArcPy) for use in GIS data analysis. Mathematics: I am fairly good mathematician (partly because I program and use maths so much), receiving a 33 of 36 in the ACT. Science: I started to enjoy science when I began reading a science encyclopedia for fun when I was about 9. From then on, I have always loved my science classes and writing lab reports and researching topics thoroughly. Social: Although slightly introverted, when it comes to getting things done I often find myself taking the role of a leader in groups. I tend to get along with almost everyone, even those who my friends don't. As for public speaking, it's not my strong suit, but I am always improving myself and I have gotten rid of a lot of the fear I once had for it.